Do You Lose Your Freedom When Transitioning to Assisted Living?

independence in america

A Country of Unprecedented Freedom

With the kickoff of the NFL season this week and the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, it’s difficult not to stop and reflect on the amazing freedoms this country offers its individuals.

This country was founded on freedom. And it’s citizens have independence deeply embedded in their DNA.

On one hand, that is a tremendous blessing. The sheer amount of opportunity that exists in America is astounding. For over 200 years, immigrants have left family, home and country for the promise of a brighter future. In America, you have the ability to make anything of your life that you want. And, so many have. Reaching amazing heights of success and prosperity.


Independent Lifestyles

Along with wealth and prosperity, there often comes a growing lifestyle of inclusion. We build and live in our single family houses, often times with the white picket fence … and security systems.

The interesting thing about wealth is that it often makes us less reliant on others. We pay for our security as opposed to living more integrated lifestyles where we need the gifts and talents of close family and friends. Mind you, this isn’t everyone, but many can relate.

The Baby Boomers and their parents have lived in a time of enormous wealth, and following WWII, a large period of peace. Homes were built. Families were raised. Communities were woven. And habits sink in.



Aging in Place

A new lifestyle begins when the kids move out and start having families of their own. Patterns become even deeper. You know your home. You know your community. You know what you like and don’t like. This is not necessarily bad at all. In fact, it is quite honestly what so many have strived for their entire working lives. A chance to age in place and enjoy your retiring years.

However, age catches up with us all.

You may be 65, or you may be 95. But often there comes a time when it is no longer safe to be living on your own.

The steps become unmanageable for sore and frail joints. The boiling water on the stove becomes a dangerous hazard. Remembering to manage and take all of the right prescriptions is not only a challenge but potentially fatal. And, what if there is an accident? Who will notice? Who will help?


Respecting a Difficult Transition

The thought of transitioning to assisted living is downright distasteful to many seniors. After all, you’ve lived an entirely independent life. You’ve done fine on your own. You’re not about to admit any kind of weakness or frailty. This is your home! This is your life!

… We get it. We understand. It’s not easy.

This is an unsettling time. You are potentially leaving everything that you know. Everything that is so familiar, safe and comforting. You don’t want to live with a bunch of strangers. You want your home.


Home is More than a House

But, is home the bricks, the wood, the shingles? Or, is it the memories, the loved ones, the family?

In so many situations, the children of their older parents are struggling with this move as much as the elderly. This was their childhood home. They don’t want to move Mom or Dad out. They want Mom to be happy. They want Mom to be content. But, they can’t be there every second of the day. The thought of an accident is far more excruciating to consider than the pain of leaving a well loved house.

Memories can go with you. New ones can be made. One of my favorite lyrics from this song is, “Home is wherever I’m with you.”


Making the Transition Easier

At Adagio San Juan, we have taken all of these thoughts and intense feelings into consideration in how we’ve created our home.

We know the transition to assisted living is not easy … for anyone involved.

And rather than create a large facility that feels more like a hospital or an institution, we’ve done our best to create for you another home.

Literally, we bought a house in a residential neighborhood. Why? It’s familiar. It feels right. We have rooms that feel like a room you know. We have a kitchen where you can talk with the chef and see and smell the meals being made. We have shared living rooms where you can socialize. We have beautiful seating indoor and outdoor to encourage your family and friends to come visit often, and where they don’t have to navigate a series of elevators and hallways to find you. We have friendly and attentive caregivers who can take care of your needs and give the entire family peace of mind.

We know it’s not easy. But, we still strive to give you tremendous care, a home environment, and as much freedom as possible.

Call us today to schedule a tour of our home.

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