The Benefits of Smaller Assisted Living Homes

benefits of smaller assisted living homes

How to Choose an Assisted Living Facility

If you find yourself searching for assisted living for yourself or for a loved one, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the choices. More often than not, this is a decision that needs to be made quickly because of a recent decline in health or another pressing situation.

The job can be stressful. You want to put Mom or Dad in a safe place – a place that they will enjoy living in. But, you also usually don’t have an extensive time to search. You need to be able to trust the facility and the caregiving. And, you want to feel peace of feeling that you are placing your loved one in good hands. All the while, life goes on with its business and everyday demands.

When you are actually out touring different assistant living facilities, it’s helpful to have a checklist of items. We’ve outlined what to know when choosing an assisted living facility in this blog post, but in today’s post, we want to look specifically at choosing between a larger assisted living facility or a smaller assisted living home.


Larger vs. Smaller Assisted Living Homes

I came across this video today, and while not overly produced, I thought it did a good job outlining the benefits of smaller assisted living homes. Take a look.


What I wanted to share with you is the uniqueness about a home setting for the elderly. Many of the facilities can be very imposing for the residents that walk in – linoleum floors, a hospital type setting, an environment with multiple beds in one room and hospital curtains that divide the beds. Cafeteria style cooking. You can feel lost sometimes.

The benefits of a home like setting for the elderly for assisted living is that you have more of a personal touch, a sense of warmth, attention to detail as far as menus, and creative approaches towards fulfilling the needs of our elderly. 

We’re working closely with the doctors. We’re working closely with the relatives. We’re working closely with the medications to make sure the residents are properly adhered to. We give them a sense of balance and composure and give them a sense of ease.

– Ed Nava, Safe Harbor Assisted Living


Smaller Assisted Living Feels More Natural

As we mentioned before, there are certainly benefits that come with larger facilities. Often times, amenities and activities are wonderful because the facility has a larger scale to deliver.

However, when you are making the transition from a home you’ve lived in for years, we think it is simply much more natural to move into a home, and not a hospital type large facility. We agree with Ed. And that’s why we are so excited to open Adagio San Juan and offer premium assisted living services in the San Juan Capistrano, CA area, all within the confines of a familiar home setting.

If you are in the Southern Orange County area and are looking for Assisted Living in a beautiful, home environment, call us today.


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