Comparing Assisted Living Options in the South Orange County, CA Area

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Housing Decisions For Seniors

The South Orange County area has attracted many people to the area for decades. With much of that population aging rapidly, decisions about where to live are all the more important.

Aging in place presents many challenges. Not only does maintaining a large home become more difficult as we age, but with sky rocketing home prices, exorbitant price of property tax and other costs of owning a home, many seniors are choosing assisted living instead.

There are many nursing homes and other long-term care facilities around Orange County.  However, nursing homes are intended for those who actually need nursing care.

For those who need help with daily living tasks but do not need medical attention, assisted living is designed to help these seniors. Let’s take a look at a few of the assisted living options in South Orange County.


RCFE Assisted Living

Today, California has a number of residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFE) that are a great option for seniors.

The biggest difference between a RCFE and a nursing home is that the former admits seniors who are not able to take care of themselves but do not require 24 hour nursing care.

Assisted living helps with daily living tasks – cooking, eating, bathing, laundry, etc. In general, you are also free to do what ever you want, have your independence and make your own decisions.


Adagio San Juan – Premium Assisted Living

One of the premier RCFEs in San Juan Capistrano that offers assisted living is Adagio San Juan. But what is the difference between Adagio San Juan and other assisted living centers in San Juan Capistrano?

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Adagio San Juan has many differences compared to other San Juan Capistrano assisted-living facilities (e.g. Brookdale, Atria, Del Obispo Terrace, Silverado). Many of these large assisted living facilities have more of the feel of an institution. Think large buildings and long hallways. While there are advantages to a larger facility, it often can be disorienting for a senior who has always lived in a smaller home. Adagio San Juan has purposely chosen a smaller home-like feel to give residents a smooth transition into assisted living.

Next, Adagio San Juan is owned by a physician, so the client will never ever have to worry about his or her health.

Unlike the large informal assisted living facilities such as Silverado, Brookdale, or Atria, Adagio San Juan is small and offers a “home-like” environment.

It has only five private bedrooms and one companion bedroom. The senior resident has personalized attention at all times. Rules are minimal and the senior is allowed as much freedom as he or she desires.

All the rooms are equipped with a ceiling fan and there is complimentary Wifi and LED TVs with premium satellite channels available. Other amenities that are available at Adagio San Juan include a salon station for your hair, luxury furnishings just like a hotel and there is also 24-hour security.

Adagio San Juan also has a garden and well-manicured outdoor landscape where you can sit and enjoy the morning sunshine.

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Adagio San Juan also provides a variety of planned activities and a common food service, that also takes into account your religious and cultural preferences. Residents are provided with assistance in dressing, bathing and taking their medications. All residents are monitored for their dietary intake.

Unlike many other RCFEs in Orange County, Adagio San Juan is licensed to look after both ambulatory and non-ambulatory individuals. In fact, some seniors come to Adagio for their postoperative recovery.

Adagio San Juan is run by a team of professionals dedicated towards the care of the elderly. Every staff on board is rigorously selected and trained to provide the most compassionate care for seniors.

Seniors do have many choices for assisted living in Orange County, CA these days, but be sure to find a living situation that is right for you. The best way to know if an assisted-living center is for you, go see the place and speak to the owner.

Adagio San Juan is luxury assisted living home that offers seniors a place to live, which is very close to a “real” home.

Call Adagio San Juan in San Juan Capistrano, CA at (949) 899-8388 and to set up a tour.

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